Don’t Update to Windows 8.1 Yet…

As I tell most people, don’t update to the latest of anything for a few months. This has held true for the original Xbox 360, PS3, Windows Vista, WIndows 8, IOS, and much more. Essentially when you update right away you are bound to run into compatibility issues either with drivers or hardware, plus software bugs. I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows 8 when they had the cheap deal for it and my graphics card didn’t work properly for a month (catalyst didn’t work, low fps in games, etc) and I had a few other glitches. My friend upgraded to 8.1 and his audio doesn’t work properly and same with his wireless card (audio works as standard stereo, none of his extra software works, and the wireless card cuts in and out badly), and I have seen a few other people has issues (mainly on laptops, but some desktops) and I have no doubt that in a few more weeks more BIOS updates will be released for my motherboard for Windows 8.1 so why install them sequentially as they are released? I will just wait a few months for all the bugs to be worked out and I urge you all to do the same.


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